Sharp Guidance

Guidance & Reflection – Week 177

by | May 21, 2023 | General

WEEK 17 7

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Be present.

Pay attention to the moment

and act from a place of love.

Be available to serve and

make someone’s burden a little lighter.

Celebrate a friend, colleague

or family member in some way

that is integrous and meaningful.

Be warm…

patient… witty. Make someone laugh.

Ask someone what you can do 

to help.

Then do it, if you can.

Today, let your appreciation show

and be heard to those whom you

live with, work with, and play with.

Watch the day unfold with a 

bit of wonder in your eye, and

joy in your heart.

Say a prayer for the world… and 

for someone in the world…

and for yourself.

Let this day bless you as it will… 

meaning pay attention and receive.

Bless others as the Divine Presence wills.

And it will will… 

so be ready.


Evening Reflection 

Today is my wife’s birthday. So perhaps this guidance came as a response to that. The third stanza, to celebrate someone, was going to happen anyway. Still, Divinity’s guidance is more times than not universal. In addition, because of its omniscience, Divinity knows what I don’t, like how the day will unfold and who will show up and what they will need, et cetera.

In that light, the first stanza is really the key to the guidance… and really and important ingredient to living well daily. It fed into all the other stanzas. The second stanza was fulfilled when I asked my wife if she wanted help with a task she was doing. Her response was… “Yes”. And she thanked me for helping to make it easier.

The third stanza was fulfilled with a birthday celebration. Plus, a family member let me know they were leaving to take a motorcycle riding lesson. I didn’t know. (When your young ones are grown, they don’t tell you everything, even if they are still living at home). I was able to cheer them on and celebrate their new adventure. 

Not only was the opportunity presented to show appreciation to my wife, but also the rest of my family at various times through the day. Some face to face, others by text messaging, and one through Facetime from Europe!

The day unfolded with an amazing sequence of events that allowed my wife to have one-on-one time with each family member living at home… and even with those who could not be present – through technology and the smartphone.

I did pray for the world (which is always in need of prayer, due to humanity). I also prayed for someone in the world (well, I prayed for lots of people) … and I prayed for myself (to keep growing and to be useful).

To “let” the day bless you is to pay attention and receive the blessing. This means opening yourself and being present, with appreciation and gratitude, to all the good that comes your way; from waking up, to feeling the sunshine… to taking in love from your family and friends, and of course, much more.

Finally, that last line… to “bless others as the divine presence wills”. This is a very important statement. The Divine Presence wills for us to be a divine presence. The more we love the more we bless the whole world, just because we have grown. The question becomes, did you grow today?

Did you?

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