I’m a Black Man, Who are You?


Want an inspiring story to read? This is a book for our present times! During what I term this Blackmandemic, here is a coming of age memoir of growing up in the south and how, despite racism and prejudice, I was able, with the help of deeply spiritual and powerful souls, to discover and claim the beauty, power and joy of who I really am. Perhaps it will help you or someone you know realize or reclaim the beauty, power and majesty of their own being, regardless of what others may say or believe. Available from AMAZON or your favorite online bookseller in paperback or ebook.


Brilliantly written. It truly underscores how our attitude towards the cards life deals us is what makes a difference. David writes about his own and his various family members’ journey as black people in America. What seems to make the most different is how they view themselves and the world. I highly recommend this as a rite of passage book.

Jessica D.

I was so happy to see this in print and have the opportunity to read it.

Thank you David. Recommended read.

Angela M. Callahan

A powerful story of blending the performing arts and spirituality!

I found this to be a powerful story of how the performing arts can be the access to spiritual development. The author shares an intimate, honest journey of awakening and how he overcame his life challenges using the power of tap dancing, composing, singing and acting to access a higher realm of consciousness in himself and others. This is a book to inspire and guide people from all walks of life whether they’re looking to deepen their spiritual connection or just find more joy in their lives.


White Woman Transformed by Black Man’s Story

I loved this book. I could not put it down. I consider it to be one of the best books I have ever read because of the combination of David’s writing style and the way that his personal story touched and transformed me each step of the way–until it was the end and I was in a pool of tears. So, thank you, David. Thank you. I have laughed with some of my friends (mostly white women) when I tell them that they really have to read a book called I’m a Black Man, Who are You? They usually start out with, “Really?” And, my response is, “Yes. Really.” Thank you, David, for the gift of the words, the wisdom and the love that you allowed to be inspired through you in this profoundly moving account of your life and the triumph of your soul.

Karen K


Being A Young Black Man In Today’s Society This Book Really Gave Me Knowledge And Insight On Certain Things That Truly Highlight The Questions I Had . I Would Recommend All Young Black Men To Read This Book Regardless Of Spiritual Background . It’s Not Only Educating The Reader Of Struggles Back When , But It’s Giving You Valuable Words To Share With Others . I Loved The Book And Wish Many Blessings To The Author .