Words of Praise for Power for Life


Internationally acclaimed theologian and Episcopal priest,
author of 35 books including “Original Blessing”.

In this interactive book of daily meditations the author speaks to Spirit and Spirit to the author in a sort of call and response rhythm and the interactive messages in turn speak to the reader and challenge one to focus on a particular theme for the day. Some entries include an “Evening Response” that offers a reflection on events in the author’s day that echo the teaching of the day. The result is intimacy and guidance of a gentle and enticing kind–an invitation to live deeply and quietly, inwardly and purposefully. Many people will surely feel inspired and empowered by this special book of daily meditations with its invitations to journey deeply and act with integrity. The book is full of deep, candid and honest soul searchings that awaken one’s own deepest needs, inspirations and aspirations.


Author of Wild Mercy, Caravan of No Despair and God of Love
A leading voice in the inter-spiritual movement

In this gentle meditation on navigating life’s journey with depth and grace, inspirational author David Sharp offers a deep breath for our souls. His wisdom is simple and expansive, his language clear and inviting.


President and CEO, Delta Developmental LLC

The Power for Life unites the spiritual traditions of meditation, prayer, and contemplation by inviting the reader to fully engage with life’s deepest questions regarding the purpose of our shared spiritual journey of enlightenment. Freud said that life was composed of love, work, and peace, and this book encourages us all to awaken our collective sense of joy, sorrow, and tribulation so that we may fully engage with our life’s greater meaning. With great eloquence, wit, and compelling logic, Sharp invites the reader to begin and end each day with the eloquence of gratitude in a search for meaning and purpose so that we may all navigate and embrace the challenges of being self-aware.


Television and movie actress, known for her starring roles in Urban Cowboy,
All of Me, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Funny Farm, If Tomorrow Comes

“I made “friends” with Dr. David Sharp’s inspirational guide book Power For Life almost immediately. This is a valuable distinction as the author’s incredible warmth and transparency urge the reader into an intimacy with God that truly feels like a friend leading you on a search for buried treasure.

The treasure of intimacy Jesus himself promises when we seek to enter the Kingdom of God like a child, with wonder, trust and loving submission.

Dr. Sharp is as hungry for this promise as he was when I first met him 40 years ago and he shared his almost mystical glee about listening for God with me.
The personal anecdotes he shares along his meditational journey are humbling, sweet, humorous and sometimes spooky good!

My favorite epiphany among many in this songbook of tranquility and struggle is this: “I am glad the Lord wants all of me”.

IF you long to travel on a peaceful riverboat captained by the Holy Spirit, take this trip with David Sharp who never tires of exploring fresh spiritual insight and sharing the anticipation, surprise and reward of seeking our Maker and His best life.


Author, The Abolitionist’s Daughter

David Sharp has given us an immense gift in the space of this one book. It is not only his own range of wisdom and perception he gives us, but a simple and straightforward discipline for exploring our own. There are many devotional books and there are books of spiritual guidance. In POWER FOR LIFE, Dr. Sharp has given us both and given with power and grace a gentle means for exploring our own. He has done so in elegant but accessible poetic form. The devotions he offers are his own explorations, questions of The Spirit for the day. I have been surprised by how his questioning has touched closely on my own life on any given day. His methodology, using the non-dominant hand to write in response, is one I have long been familiar with as a therapist. Yet to use this technique to converse with The Spirit and to hear from one’s inner depth is new to me. And already deeply valuable. I am profoundly grateful to David Sharp for the gift of this powerful book.


1st Director of Story Development at The Story Company (Motion Pictures and Film)
Los Angeles

This is an excellent, powerful, challenging and enlightening book. David is a gifted teacher.


Wayne A. Holst was a Lutheran pastor (ELCIC) for 25 years. He taught religion and culture at the University of Calgary for a quarter century and co-ordinates adult spiritual development at St. David’s United Church, Calgary.

The book has a simple format for each day of the year. I start in the morning with a question, followed by free association poetic guidance, which prompts me to “experience” rather than “think” my way through the day.

The usual evening reflection helps me to consider the developments of the intervening hours in a thoughtful, but not regimented manner. I can then prepare myself for rest.

What you have, therefore, is a kind of devotional companion. Over the years, I have introduced various devotional books on Colleagues List. This one is different in that it encourages me to leave the discipline of the page and enter into a kind of experiential journey, the kind on which a poet might lead me. The writing is about basic things, but one can be carried into new realms, not previously visited.

For those wanting to grow in their spiritual journey, especially during the Lenten season, this book helps begin a new venture. It may well open the door to a new way of spiritual reflection.



UCC minister

I am LOVING your book, Dr David Sharp! I use it for all my staff meetings, we start with a devotion and spend time discussing several of your questions… wonderful way to get spiritually grounded for our work! Thank you so much! Blessings!



Actor and singer, two-time Tony Award winner
and one of the central leading men of the Broadway theatre.

Acting and life are collaborative arts. As a performing artist it is of utmost importance to be in collaborative harmony with the director. The best directors don’t make you “do” things – they help you make your own discoveries- about your character, your choices, and how you fit into the entire play.

Dr. David Preston Sharp’s “Power For Life Now” is a book about being an active participant and mindful collaborator with the best and (most subtly obvious) director in our life – the Universal Divine One (of many earthly names). It’s also a how-to book about being here now; about “Ask!…and you shall receive” and “Knock!…and the door shall be opened.” It’s a book about “listening” – with open ears, open eyes, an open mind and an open heart. It’s a book about living artfully. And like a good director, it doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but guides by gentle suggestion, leaving the deepest and most profound answers for you to discover on your own.



His grace and spirit are reflected in his books. He has an eloquent way of expressing the essence of the Word and his experiences. Worth the reading



Historical theologian, teacher, scholar and consultant on congregational ministry

Anchored in the wisdom distilled from his moving biography, I’m a Black Man, Who are You?, Dr. David Preston Sharp draws from his accomplished career of professional versatility and performative artistry to produce Power for Life. Unlike the popular devotional templates like Our Daily Bread and Chicken Soup of the Soul which feature others’ awe-inspiring stories, this book is a veritable smorgasbord of daily meditations focused solely and soulfully on the reader’s own inimitable story and yearning for spiritual growth. Premised on the powerful call and response rhythm that animates African American worship, Dr. Sharp engages the reader in a comparable rhythm attuned to hearing and heeding the voice of spiritual guidance from that inner holy temple or sanctum. With the acumen of a spiritual director and the emotional intelligence of a pastor, each guidance in this book not only makes it a highly fibrous and nourishing daily staple, but one that replenishes the spiritually hungry reader with the satedness promised by the Psalmist’s reassurance: “Taste and see that the LORD is good.” Promise!



Leadership and Business Coach

I was having a rough day, and something was weighing on me. I saw my copy of the book, flipped to a random page – and I read exactly what I needed to. It was so insightful and connected. I love this book! I keep it by my bedside to keep me connected. Thanks for creating such a powerful book, David!!



Marine Geophysicist, National Ecological Observatory Network

I usually don’t read the book in any order, but open to a random day, and read it, plus some guidances before and after that day. From the pages I read, I find a passage (or a part of a passage) that speaks to me, and then I practice that thought. Today, for example, the message that stood out was: “Do not let your mind think whatever it wants. Always speak lovingly and carefully”. This is such a simple message, but is something I’ve become more aware of in the past couple years, and have found it’s not as simple to practice as it sounds! I find it so easy to forget in every day life that I can choose my thoughts, and that can change how I show up in the world. This book has been a great resource, showing me countless ways to tap into a more meaningful life. Whenever I start reading, I almost immediately notice a sense of calm. Whatever I am worrying about starts to diminish, and I am brought back to what matters. I am excited to continue to reflect and grow with your book.

Thank you!