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Power For Life is a wonderful companion to those who want a way to grow spiritually and deepen the qualities that can make life more joyful for oneself and others. Join this ever-deepening adventure of spiritual growth. Every advance in one’s being makes the world a better place, and lifts the ocean of life we all float on.
As a good person doing good things in the world, this practice has helped me grow as a human being. I believe it can help anyone who wishes to deepen themselves and grow in spiritual maturity.
The surprise that I received doing this work is that it enlivened everything else I was doing. It empowered my performances, my writing and composing, my teaching, my relationships with my family. I became more vulnerable, and because of it, I have been able to help more people because it allows them to be vulnerable, and healing can happen.
This practice has taken my connection to Presence to a different level, and has shown me that there is no point where one is finally “there.” Spiritual growth is a lifelong journey… a lifelong commitment. Only devotion has the energy to keep us moving, growing and becoming.
This book can be a helpful companion in your journey to keep becoming. I believe I was given this work not only for my own growth, but to share with others. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.
If you are ready for a deeper dive into yourself, this book can take you on a soul growing exploration.
Stick with a guidance for a day, a week or more… until you feel ready to move to the next one. There is no single way to use them. Let the Evening Reflections inspire your own honest reflections, as they help you to observe your inner landscape and traverse your own road to greater spiritual growth and maturity.