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Guidance & Reflection – Week 196

by | Oct 19, 2023 | General

WEEK 196

God, what is your guidance for me today?


be a champion for someone.

Be in their corner, supportive…

encouraging… believing in them.

Be a fan of who they are,

what they do, and how they 

do it.

Let your joy and faith in them

show in your genuine love and

your words of affirmation.

Find a way to cheer them, 

hurrah them, and yay them,

vociferously and with great enthusiasm.

Listen to them with profound interest,

and respond in a manner that demonstrates

just how much you value them.

Let unconditional love lead the way, 

and divine grace will fill all you say 

and do with the integrity that will

uphold the one you champion


Yay you!


Evening Reflection 

Well, this response is starting at 2:30 PM! I just have to write what seems to be happening. After writing the guidance this morning, I immediately noticed that I began championing the only other person in the house at the time… my wife! She has a performance tonight and I noticed I was doing the things that the guidance encouraged. I would like to think I would do those things anyway, but it was clear that my focus was on championing her. She responded to my joy and excitement for her with her own, and we had the liveliest of mornings!

Then, we went grocery shopping. I noticed that I was championing everyone in the grocery store! I spoke to more people, even looked at more people to make contact; and I could feel myself exuding joy in their direction for the pleasure of seeing them, even though I didn’t know them. When I got to the cashier, I made humorous comments them and we chatted easily. So, even though the guidance said to find someone to champion, it didn’t say only one someone. And the energy of being the fan of all, championing them as fellow divine beings, was fun!

(Later… 4:00 PM)

I decided to watch the women’s tennis finals at Wimbledon. While watching and listening to the announcers and watching the corresponding ads for the tournament I realized that they were about to crown a champion! This was the championship I was watching! This is another of those serendipitous moments where you sense Presence winking at you.

(Later… 11:30 PM)

I attended the performance my wife was a part of. It was a house concert of youth and adult marimba players. Each group played marvelously, and I sat on the front row championing them all, whooping and hollering and clapping the joy they were exuding and inspiring the crowd to receive and give back. After hours of playing, people began to leave. I heard someone playing the piano and I went to see who it was. It was the brother of a good friend of mine. I had just met the brother an hour earlier. Well, I went to the piano and suggested we make up a song on the spot. I sang, he played. It was a song about the evening, and it honored the host, who was right there listening, and his big heart for creating the space, food, and atmosphere for this most wonderful gathering. Again, it was an act of championing.

So, this guidance proved so powerful today! And the championing included every someone! That was the greatest surprise and joy of today’s guidance.

Imagine if we could all champion the earth and all its inhabitants! And not just for a day but as a way of being!

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