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Guidance & Reflection – Week 203

by | Dec 21, 2023 | General

WEEK 203

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Be still within yourself today.

That is…

in the core of your being,

let the stillness of Presence

anchor you and keep you


However the day unfolds,

stay present to this Ground

of your being.

Be aware of how it holds you

and upholds you, whether you are 

sitting, standing, or laying down.

Let its strength

be yours today.

Let its power flow through you.

Let its love become you

and inspire all you say and do.

Listen to the stillness.

Listen with your own quiet silence.

It will speak.

Perhaps not in words,

but it will speak, even as it remains


For this stillness is Divinity.

It is Holy Spirit;

the Presence of God

within you,

as you… 

one with each other,

so that there is no each other…

only One.


Evening Reflection 

Because I do not know what is going to come through until I write, I can be moved by what is being revealed even as it unfolds through my pen. Each day’s guidance is an intimate adventure of soul and spirit with Divinity’s presence. And each guidance has its own effect on me, both as I write them and as I live them.

This one moved me greatly as I saw what was coming through, and then as I lived into it; and now as I reflect on it. Perhaps it is because of where I am in life, what is on my mind, and what is happening even in the hidden corners and spaces of my subconscious. God is in all areas, nothing is hidden. And divinity can meet us daily where we need to be met.

Today, having a reminder to be still and let Presence ground me and keep me centered was moving (pun unintended). What I experienced was the visceral meaning of a biblical sentiment that calls us to be still and know that God is God.

The business of life can keep us moving so much that we feel we don’t have time to be still. Our brains seem to never stop thinking, life pushes and pulls on our emotions… and we can become life tired.

Today’s guidance made me feel like that burning bush that didn’t burn up. Why? Because the bush was being upheld by the presence of God. Stillness helped me to allow God’s presence to be known within me. I say to be known because it is always there. It is waiting to be known, acknowledged, and connected with.

And it does speak. It communicates silently just as the Scriptures remind us. God’s still, small voice is a different order of communication. It must be experienced to be truly understood.

Stillness does not mean inactive. It is a word which tries to capture a quality of being. You can be very active and be still at the same time. It takes practice and willingness.

Today, I was willing. God always is.

What about you?

Were you willing today? Were you able to experience a sense of oneness?

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