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Guidance & Reflection – Week 194

by | Oct 7, 2023 | General

WEEK 194

God, what is your guidance for me today?


do not try to do or be

anything in particular. 

Just be.

Just be… and observe yourself being.

Do not judge yourself. Relax and see who you are…

  see how you are.

Your journey in life has brought you to this point.

Your thoughts, reactions, manner and speaking

reflect who you have come to be.

It does not matter if you are having a good day 

or a challenging one.

How you are either way is you.

Are you naturally kind?




Do you notice your ego?

Do you like life?

Treat people with respect? Equally?

Do you like how you are?

Being you today,

find one or two words 

to describe yourself to yourself,

as a whole.


Evening Reflection 

Even when working diligently on spiritual growth, it is clear to me that days off are needed. To stop or pause one’s conscious efforts is good. It allows one to just be.

And what I experienced was quite useful and beneficial. I experienced my own growth. I experienced my thoughts, reactions, manner, level of joy… my overall being as an observer. 

Watching yourself live is proof that we are not just our bodies. And being able to watch your own personality in action is further proof that WHAT we are is beyond our personality traits. We can experience our SELF… the larger part of us that is spirit; that is aware and has consciousness from which the ability to experience and witness arises.

I actually enjoyed watching myself… which is different than talking to oneself but perhaps in the same ballpark in some ways. I have always been a joyful soul, but what I observed was a level of joy that has grown richer and seems to carry through more and more circumstances without being disrupted. I experienced no judgmentalism, but in fact, corrected some language on someone’s project I am working on so that the language became more inclusive. I observed that I love life and experienced little fear. 

And yes, I noticed my ego. A bit of jealousy came through as I was in a conversation with someone about traveling. That let me know that I want to travel more. I actually watched this jealousy, understood it, and was able to watch myself let it go as I forgave myself. 

I did treat all I met with equal respect, including a deer that crossed the road in front of my speeding car, dogs that barked at me on a neighborhood walk, and rabbits that were on the mountain walking path.

Two words?

Easygoing. Joyous. 

But I want to keep growing. 

How was this for you?

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