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Guidance & Reflection – Week 193

by | Sep 24, 2023 | General

WEEK 193

God, what is your guidance for me today? How may I deepen my spiritual growth today?

The more conscious you become,

expanding your knowledge and understanding…

and the longer you remain awake

in each moment to your connection to Presence;

the deeper your spiritual life will become.

Today, read something or listen

to something that is deeply spiritual,

and contemplate what you may

not quite fully understand yet.

Practice staying awake to your connection

to Spirit.

Even while working, doing chores, or relaxing,

remain aware of this connection.

Observe how it feels

and how it affects you.

When you notice that you have lost this awareness,

gently guide yourself back to it.

Remember… this is a practice.

Let it flow to the best of your ability.

Do not be hard on yourself.

Be gentle with yourself

as you practice staying connected to, 

and being aware of Spirit, today.


Evening Reflection 

Well, I am definitely in the world, even if I am not of it… to paraphrase a well-known scripture passage. And I am glad I can “practice” my spiritual path. I surely went in and out of staying aware of my connection to Spirit. And the contrast was powerful to notice. When I did stay aware, it didn’t get in the way of what I was doing. It was an augmentation; a feeling of greater scope, like I was a more expansive being, able to take in more while enjoying a vitality that permeated the awareness. Staying aware also affected me in terms of accessing wisdom and sensing Spirits guidance. 

I had a rehearsal today and one person was a little grumpy. As I absorbed some of their shortness, I connected to Spirit and it allowed me not to take it personally. They later apologized and explained a tough day they were having. I told them I understood and to just let it go.

Later, Spirit led me to call someone to work out an issue on an upcoming job. I had avoided it since they said they would call, but it had been a couple of days now. My connection to Spirit kept me open, joyful, and bright as we talked. They also apologized, and I let them know I understood that life can get so busy you simply forget sometimes. We worked things out beautifully and looked forward to our next meeting.

I did not get to the reading, as the guidance encouraged, but ended up at a jazz club after my music rehearsal. The trio of piano, bass and drums were talking to each other in some rather deep and complex jazz idioms. I am still trying to understand what I heard. The time signatures, beats, off beats, ad libs and harmonies were amazing. I did contemplate it on the drive home. Perhaps a revelation will come in my dreams.

(Note) 2:15am

I put this away and decided to read a little before bed. I am reading today’s inspirational spiritual reading from a book I enjoy. It is literally talking about being in the world but not of it!

Now, how’s that for an affirmation?!

When things like this happen, I do not think it mere coincidence. I believe it is Spirit letting us know of their close presence and awareness of us.

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