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Guidance & Reflection – Week 195

by | Oct 7, 2023 | General

WEEK 195

God, what is your guidance for me today?


take in that you are a part of

a grand symphony of existence.

From galaxies upon countless galaxies

to the smallest particles within atoms,

you get to participate.

Take this in and realize what a privilege

you have been given.

It has been ordained by God that you exist.

Look around today and take in just

how creative God is.

Look at the diversity within all things.

Enjoy it.


Give thanks for your opportunity to live…

to play your notes as you help compose the 

symphony of existence.

You may think your notes are barely heard,

if at all…

but it is all heard… and felt. 

And vital.

The question is…

are your notes and chords and harmonies


Make the measures of your life beautiful as they

sound in the euphony and symphony…

of God’s masterpiece!


Evening Reflection 

It is interesting that today’s guidance was about music and symphony and playing your own notes. I say interesting because the band I am in played tonight. Each musician is so talented, and the band is itself diverse in its instrumentation and the styles of music we can play. The harmonies created with everyone and offered to the listeners inspires some people to get up and dance, others to sit and tap their feet, and others to listen with full attention on the musicianship as solos are played or the band goes into tight, fast played phrasings.

I have always enjoyed making music with other people. I think of it as a microcosm of today’s guidance. Each person playing their notes along with others playing their notes. The total sound creates a feeling and sends its waves of energy out into the world as a whole creation. What melody is the world playing? Hmm…

But there are many kinds of bands if you think of a band as a group of people tied together for a common purpose or with a common bond.

Families are a band. Our alma matters, work environments, churches, cities, states, nations, the social and political groups we may belong to… are all bands. Each person is playing their notes at all times; and they are combined in the various groups who add their chords to the ever larger orchestra of life. And we have, at each moment, the world that we have… a UNI-VERSE of sounds and silences, chords and dissonance.

I think all people are doing the best they can in each moment. All we do, good or not good, adds to creation.

God created existence. What a masterpiece of a work of love! And we are privileged that we get to add what we can to creation as we play ourselves, instruments of divinity that we are.

And when done right, God is actually playing us. Sounding through us!

Can you hear those notes?

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