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Guidance & Reflection – Week 191

by | Sep 21, 2023 | General

WEEK 191

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Do that which is deepest in your 

heart and soul.

At all times today be integrous and true

to your most honest sense of being.

Even when performing the most mundane

of tasks,

do them being conscious of their

contribution toward that which you

are purposed.


let all your activities, endeavors,

duties and responsibilities be contained

in the larger arena of your life purpose.

Perform each task to the best of your ability.

Give thanks…

for your being…

your skills and talents…

and for your sense of why you are here.

Live into the day with

gratitude and joy

for the grace you have been given

to live with purpose, on purpose.


Evening Reflection 

Well, it did not take long to be tested on this! I was actually tested before I wrote this guidance, already sensing what was coming through.

My wife decided to take our son to play some golf and to get him a lesson as he prepares to join the golf team at school. Afterwards, it would be the gym for a nice workout and an afternoon swim. 

Arrrgh! I wanted to go.

But I knew in my heart I needed to continue on with the project I was working on while I was in the flow.  I opted to stay and… live my purpose. Of course, part of my purpose is to love my family also. And by working now, it is loving, as my work is a way to bring income for our lives. Ahh… but golf can be a very tempting thing when compared to work.


I have been trying to finish a project for publication. Today, I thought I was done. Then, I found a mistake and previewed the project. Another mistake was discovered. I did take a break to help cook dinner and then watched the baseball homerun derby with my wife. After cleaning the dishes and tucking my wife in for the night, I headed back to work, focused and undaunted.


It is now past midnight… but I completed my work project. The cooking, baseball, and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner were all connected to my life purpose.

And… I get to play golf tomorrow (well, today) because I stayed true to the life work at hand,  and in heart.

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