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Guidance & Reflection – Week 117

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WEEK 117

God, what is your guidance for me today? 


be as refreshing as a soft spring rain.

Be as gentle as the slightest breeze.

Let your words spoken perfume the air

like newly born blossoms.

Let peace permeate all you do

and respect for all life be a guide.

Let negativity find a quiet place to 

rest and be still, today.

Today is about the beauty, wonder

and awe of life.

See the magnificence of the world,

and all that makes it one…

especially the natural environment.

Marvel that you are part of it.

Be a witness to the miracle that is you.

Look at yourself and laugh with delight

that you… are.

Breathe… and feel the universe fill you

Sense the goodness that is in you

and be grateful.

Let the light within shine

through your eyes. Let the world see

your divinity, love and beauty… even as

you see them all… in all, today.

Evening Reflection 

Sometimes guidances come in that at first seem light and fluffy. “Be soft as the slightest breeze? Be as refreshing as a spring rain? Let your words perfume the air like newborn blossoms?”

But then, as I read over what has been given, it becomes more and more stunning – due to its ability to expand my consciousness and connect me to life in a deep and inspiring manner. To be reminded to have respect for all life is a good any time. (This includes spiders). When I went into my back yard, the leaves on the Aspen trees were waving very fast, as if saying… I know your guidance and it includes me. I gave the shaking leaves attention, acknowledgment, and respect.

My wife was a little under the weather, and the guidance was a gentle reminder to be gentle and soft. I think I would have been anyway, but this spiritual practice of writing daily guidances also serves to affirm , sometimes, what you are already doing or would do. 

I loved the line “Let negativity find a quiet place to rest and be still, today.” The Divine is humorous at times in its guidance and wisdom. I laughed at the unique beauty of this phrase and take no credit for the love it contains regarding negativity. And though I don’t consider myself as one holding much negativity, I followed this encouragement, and just set myself so that this day would not entertain such a thing.

The truth is, I needed a day like today. One that put me in touch with a much larger life. I don’t think I would have done it on my own. Not today.

Spiritual practice is a powerful way to let God communicate with you, guide you and grow your soul.


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