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Guidance & Reflection – Week 205

by | Jan 4, 2024 | General

WEEK 205

God what is your guidance for me today?


Be a soothing presence in the world. 

Be gentle, lighthearted, and kind.

Let your manner be easygoing and calm.

Move in a relaxed manner and speak

in a cadence that is unhurried.

Flow into the moments and minutes

of the day without pushing against them.

Ride the hours as if floating down

a lazy river on a comfortable

innertube or raft.

Let peace flow through all you

say and do.

Let it be the essence of your

soul’s expressions.

Soothe the world today with love.

Be a blessed angel of light.

Do not try… just be.

As you continually open yourself to

this calling today, you will feel divinity’s graces

flowing through you into a world that

needs a soothing touch.

Are you willing?


Evening Reflection 

These guidances are not about being perfect. They are about pointing your intention toward growing, maturing, and always becoming more and more capable of exhibiting love in all its dimensions.

I was doing okay for a while (it is easier sometimes when there is only one other person to deal with). I am visiting my mother, and we make great roommates. So yes, I was floating along nicely.

However, the peaceful, flowing, lazy river became a class five rapid with an announcement I heard from outside the house.

 “I’m here!” 

That announcement was made by a man who has helped mom with chores and upkeep, but who also has ingratiated himself into her life in a manner that has become annoying. He gets my ire up. Yet, at the same time he has been helpful. So, it’s a mixed bag and a complicated relationship nuanced by his neediness and my mother’s age and desire for some assistance.

The challenge for me is to extend love and understanding; to be soothing, gentle, lighthearted and kind. 

I tried. 

I tried to let peace flow, to be easygoing and calm. And I was… but not fully. It was not a perfect piece or an easy calm or the gentlest gentle. And I was not so relaxed.

I guess the real question is… was I really willing? 

Well, it’s my mother. And I am just visiting for a week. So, again, I was aware of the guidance, and I think I did better than I would have had I not been aware of divinity’s presence in all of us. 

I did eventually show a little compassion and understanding. Thank God for God’s patience and graciousness with us.

Tomorrow’s another day, and another chance.

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