Sharp Guidance

Guidance & Reflection – Week 158

by | Mar 5, 2023 | General

WEEK 158

God, what is your guidance for me today? How may I develop more strength of Spirit?

Let My Spirit through when you would be 

inclined to close Me off.

Remember that I am with you in all things,

in all circumstances.

In all of your challenges My Holy Spirit

is there to guide and give you counsel.

You will hear my quiet voice sounding

within you if you listen with your whole being.

It is very easy to become hooked into the 

immediate goings-on… into emotion-packed

circumstances that can arise quickly.

Today, remember to react more slowly

to the emotional rollercoasters that

are always moving about.

Pull back… and take a deep breath.

In this breath… think of Me. Include Me.

My Ruach… the spirit and breath of Me

will then move in your heart and mind

and my grace will be yours.

My strength will be yours.

My love will be yours.

As we are together as One

your words, actions, thought, and emotions

will be more loving… 

and your strength of Spirit

will be seen in your gentleness,

kindness and compassion.


Evening Reflection 

I spent most of this day with the person I had an intense, emotion-filled interaction with the day before. Today’s guidance was so helpful in encouraging me to create a loving field of energy – and to stay in it. We had a great time and yesterday’s interaction never came up, except to acknowledge the increased understanding and blessing it gave each of us for each other’s pain. 

Spiritual growth is a process and there can be numerous setbacks as well as leaps forward. Today, I was aware of letting the Divine through. What a feeling! It is in essence, a feeling of expanding your soul to consciously include the Presence of God. Jesus said it well when he said that he stood at the door, knocking. When we open the door to Spirit, Spirit will come. And it will bring exactly what we need in each moment if we keep the door open and remain mindful, not getting caught and hooked into the world and its content thereby disengaging from divinity’s vital, much larger context.

Being awake an aware of the presence – as PRESENCE – takes practice. At first, you may be able to pull back and expand your attention for a few minutes, and then something grabs your attention and pulls you back into a narrower focus; shifting your attention back to the content of life and its specifics, and taking you away from the larger arena of divine context or essence. 

It is said that God is in the details. God is everywhere; in the details, the background, the foreground, underground and over all. To expand consciousness to include more divine essence, the Spirit and love that all of creation is in, allows us to see more. It is the peripheral vision of the soul, allowing us to remember not just who we are, but what we are.

Some people rarely pull back enough to even think of Divinity or to invite Presence into their consciousness. This guidance reminds us that the gift of free will allows us to open or close ourselves to the living love and grace of God.

May we keep that door open!

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