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Guidance & Reflection – Week 150

by | Jan 10, 2023 | General

WEEK 150

God, what is your guidance for me today? How may I grow in spirit and expand my soul?

Be mindful.

Stay awake in your consciousness.

What does that mean?

While living this day, gently keep your awareness

trained on the divinity of your being…

of your very existence.

Watch yourself be.

This awareness is an expansion of your consciousness.

It is paying attention to the is-ness of your


If you can do this for a prolonged period

of time – without falling back into the

limited awareness of the world’s ways,

you will open yourself to Spirit and

have access to wisdom and guidance,

vision and understanding from the heavenly realms.


do not forget what you are…

a divine being.

Stay connected, by your attention, to the

Source of all there is… to the

Presence that gives life to life;

a presence that is love itself; that allows

life to be and continue, moment by moment.

You want to grow in spirit and expand your soul?


Stay awake… be mindful… of this Love that is Life.


Evening Reflection 

It is clear that growth, both personal and spiritual, is a choice. It is just as clear that a person can decide not to grow. I have heard people actually say, “I like where I am. I will stay right here.”

Growth takes work. And spiritual growth demands being honest about your character defects, faults, and weaknesses. It is already not easy being a human. And it is an arduous journey to follow a path of spiritual growth. But the reward of doing so is priceless. Virtue truly is its own reward.

Today’s guidance offered a reminder that our minds are capable of more than we generally call it to be. I don’t mean our brains, which is a tool of the human body. I mean mind, which includes the parts of us that transcend the body. Today’s guidance urges that I allow my being to recognize and engage its expansiveness – to pay attention to a larger context…. one that reaches the divine, heavenly realms with an awake, alert conscious. I did that today for prolonged periods. I did, however, get sucked back… hooked back… into the world, especially when I engaged in some very focused teaching today. But that’s okay, I am human. We will do that. We can also re-engage an expanded attentiveness to our larger context. We get better with practice… spiritual practice. Staying in God consciousness or Christ consciousness is a work in progress; one that can take decades or a lifetime, if we ever achieve it. (This is why God’s grace is sufficient).

In the meantime, glimpses will have to do. And, glimpses are afforded by divine grace, in conjunction with our willingness to keep trying and continuing to do the spiritual work that growth entails. Still, glimpses can change you. You can gain a perspective that proves within you the reality of Love’s presence, power, and peace. It is not a scientific paradigm, and you will not be able to prove this reality to others. 

The proof is of a different order; it is proved, as it were, in you… in the transformation of your heart, soul, mind and spirit… where you become a new creation, even daily… by your willingness to let God love you, and passing that love to all of life, as you stay awake… and keep on waking.


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