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Guidance & Reflection – Week 148

by | Dec 29, 2022 | General

WEEK 148

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Enjoy the blessings of the day

and do not take them for granted.

See the good,

no matter how small.

Keep to a minimum your exposure

to media… to the avenues of

the world’s evils and wrongdoings.

They will be there.

Today, pay attention to smiles,

hellos and acts of kindness.

See the magnificence of creation,

the beauty of the natural environment,

and the genius of humanity.

Listen to music that moves your soul.

Gaze into the eyes of a loved one.

Treat yourself to an amazing flavor.

Select an aroma you love

and let it bless your senses.

Take in the sounds of the planet, from birdsongs

to the buzz of insect wings; from thunder to waves

upon the shore,

human voices and so much more.

This day is full of blessing.

Don’t miss it.



Evening Reflection 

Once you energize your attention to take in the goodness, you will see what is usually taken for granted as truly special in its own right.

My wife and I are attending a retreat, and of course, retreat staff is supposed to be courteous. Still, coming back from breakfast this morning one member of the housekeeping staff gave us the most vivacious ‘hello’ from 20 feet away as she was carrying on with work. It was so surprising that I said hello back with a slight chuckle at the joy shared.

On a walk along the nearby river, I wanted to see a fish; just even one fish, as there were people along the riverbanks fishing for trout. Well, as it turned out, I actually did see a fish in the river! Only it was dead and floating along the powerful rushing waters. “Well, I guess I have to be more specific,” I told my wife, wanting actually to see a fish swimming and navigating the current.

As for the other parts of the guidance, they were fulfilled. A spa we went to played beautiful relaxing sounds, served finger food that truly was amazing, and had aromatherapy filling the space that transported the senses. 

The genius of humanity was everywhere in this location. From the incredible homes along the river to the beautiful golf courses accompanying the community to the design of a special infinity spa tub with soft, relaxing lighting that we experienced. A walking path brought us to the sights and sounds of water rushing down the mountain and splashing over rock. We were in the company of geese squawking on the lake, and wind blowing through the trees. And there were people enjoying this beauty along with us, laughing, talking, singing… and all without much media. What a respite!

What were your blessings today?

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