Sharp Guidance

Guidance & Reflection – Week 147

by | Dec 15, 2022 | General

WEEK 147

God, what is your guidance for me, today?

Keep your heart moist. 

Water it with love and joy…

with gratitude and humility.

Let it be juicy with kindness,

gentleness, and patience.

Let nothing cause your heart

to become dry, cold, and hard.

Let forgiveness be ready in you.

Allow patience to flow through your veins.

Today, be a fountain of divinity,

allowing others to splash in the waters

of your lovingkindness.

Be ready to share the refreshment

of your spirit in all you say and do.

If challenged ask me for the grace

you need to keep love and light flowing

through your thoughts and actions.

Yes, today be a moist, juicy, joyful being

and water the souls you meet

with the beauty of your spirit

and the love that flows through you 

from the ocean of divinity… 

whose waters never run dry.

Evening Reflection 


Today’s guidance was inspired by my location and the weather. I am on a retreat with my wife. This morning we woke up to pouring rain. It later turned into sleet, then snow. All by 9:30 AM. Outside my window I could see the swimming pool and jacuzzi, both with people enjoying all the moisture, not to mention the mountain river flowing only 50 yards farther!

Having strained a back muscle, I wanted time in the jacuzzi but not with all the extra bodies. So, I waited. When it became absent of human bodies my wife and I went down. It was still raining so we thought we would have the jacuzzi to ourselves. Not two minutes later came a family with a toddler screaming with glee amidst all the water and wind and snow. But my silent retreat was ruined 

I remembered the guidance to ask God for grace. I closed my eyes and sunk into the ocean of divinity within. I focused on the warm water soothing my back and my wife holding my hand. I turned my head up to receive the snow, rain, sleet… all of it falling out of the sky together now and swirling in the brisk wind. It was marvelous. 

No spiritual journey is without challenge and no situation is challenge proof; even a jacuzzi in the pouring rain, pounding sleet, and whirling snow when you think you are alone. Well, it’s only 1:15 PM now. We will see what else the day has in store vis-à-vis today’s guidance.


I must admit… most of the rest of the day was a piece of cake. Shopping for new shoes was fun, and an afternoon massage was rejuvenating. 

But then, dinner. 

Our server was somewhat acerbic. This elicited an opportunity to offer joy and lovingkindness and to not let my reptilian brain react from ego. Sometimes we do have opportunities to test, practice, even experiment with our own graceful gifts of spirit. Tonight, I did see some effect on the server from my offering of joy and love. 

My father, who was a wonderful pastor and spiritual mentor, reminded me one day when I was only 10 years old, that you can’t change people; they have to do that for themselves. 

You can only show them who you are.

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