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Guidance & Reflection – Week 135

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WEEK 135

God, what is your guidance for me today?


let love guide all that you do and say.

It matters not who you are talking to;

friend or stranger; those whom you are

at peace with or at odds with.

Today, choose love as your motivation.

This is, ultimately, what life asks of you.

Can you love all at all times, no exceptions?

That is the call to all humanity.

To you…


Remember, the love that comes easy

is not the great test.

It is the example that should be

extended to all.

Moods and feelings, prejudices and judgements,

positionalities and aversions are the walls

that can block love. They must

be hurdled, climbed, torn down or

broken through.



Willingness to love.

The choice is yours, always.

What will you choose today?

Will you love?

Evening Reflection 

I am responding to this two days later! And it is clear it was meant to be. During these days I have traveled to New York City to be with my son and his fiancé, and to meet her side of the family for the first time. Humans are complex and complicated. Families are an intertwining of these individual complexities.

Extending love is the key to all things. Jesus proved that even unto his death. 

In my case extending love proved to be a power that created openness, bonding, and new ties as a new extended family was being recognized and engaged in. Not only that, but in-laws from earlier marriages were part of the equation; and the awkwardness was met successfully only with love, which allowed other virtues to emerge that allowed peace to reign.

While traveling I met and sat next to strangers on airplanes. Love bridged the gap that allowed strangers to become friends.

Willingness is not spoken about much, but it is the quality that opens the door to spiritual growth. To be willing gives yourself the power to move in the direction Spirit would move you. It allows love an entrance and then sends it where it needs to be.

The question for us all is always… are we willing to love, willing to love all, all the time, always, no exceptions. 

I think I did okay in these last couple of days. We’ll see if I can keep if up.

How’d you do today?

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