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Guidance & Reflection – Week 127

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WEEK 127

God, what is your guidance for me today? How may I live in peace?


force nothing, fight nothing.

Let all things come to you by

law of attraction.

Let pursuit rest in the arms

of divinity. Go about your day

without push and shove,

letting God work things out.

Flow with the course of

the day, as if drifting down a

gentle river.

Let events unfold as they will.

Receive what comes your way

with calmness. Let your intention

be trust, so that you are not thrown 

by any unexpected happenings.

Find space to be alone.

Breathe in silence…

Breathe out peace.

Breathe in peace…

Breathe out calm.


walk with an unrushed gait.

Speak in gentle, unhurried tones.

Listen to the natural world.

Let the birds sing to you,

let the leaves wave at you.

Let the breeze caress you,

let the sunlight kiss you.

Let peace enter you, rest in you, 

surround you

and accompany you, 

this day.


Evening Reflection 

Today’s guidance was truly on time and beautiful. it reminded me that life can be lived in a manner that allows your inner world to remain at peace no matter what happens in the outer world. Some advanced souls live in this state of profound peace at all times, but the average human, in my experience, cannot sustain it. Still, we can glimpse this powerful state at times, and today’s guidance offered the focus that the door is always there. We just have to walk through. And today I did.

I must have read today’s guidance at least five times throughout the course of the day, as I carried it in my pocket to review periodically. Every time I read it, there was new inspiration to follow its wisdom.

To not push or pull, not force or fight… was a wonderful break from the self-imposed pressure of getting it all done myself… even when it was not mine to do in the first place.

Not offering my opinion… even a break from that was freeing. Letting people be and have their say without feeling the need of having my opinion heard was relaxing.

I ran errands, did unexpected house chores, listened to family near and far away and entertained surprised guests with the calm and trust the guidance focused on. I lived with the freedom that the day did not have to go as I planned it.

Ultimately, the guidance reminded me that the world got along just fine without me in it, and will do the same when I am not in it permanently. And while I am in it, it does fine without my opinions and/or efforts. 

So, I relaxed and simply lived and let live. And I did listen to nature… and breathe… and peace came right in… and stayed all day.

I should incorporate this guidance into all the other ones!


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