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Guidance & Reflection – Week 123

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WEEK 123

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Be prepared to offer service or help

to someone in need.

It may be a group asking for support or

an individual with a situation they need help

to resolve.

Be prepared to make room in your

day and schedule for this possibility.

If you do, do not be surprised when

it actually happens.

It is the way of Spirit.

Part of living spiritually is to be ready

when called upon; to be ready to serve selflessly.

Stay open to that possibility today

and be willing.

Remember that to truly serve another

is one of the highest acts of the 


When connected by love there

is nothing higher.

God gives us breath and life each moment

of all the years of our lives.

We can be ready to give of ourselves.

Today… be ready.


Evening Reflection 

Well, this didn’t take long. 

Soon after I wrote this… my wife asked me if I would do her and her visiting best friend from childhood a favor. She wanted me to drop the friend off at the Art Museum in the neighboring town and then take her to the doctor, which was an hour’s drive away.

I had planned to stay home all day and work from office. 

And so, you see, it didn’t take long for my own reality to be tested by the guidance.

I drove and was glad to do so. My work would be waiting patiently. I ended up having great conversations with my wife’s friend.

I missed a turn due to a wayward GPS and did not get to take her to the museum… so there was more conversation as we took my wife to her doctor appointment. I took the friend to lunch, and after waiting too long due to understaffing, we ended up canceling. When my wife finished with the doctor, we all simply enjoyed each other’s company.

Sometimes, the surprises of life yield wonderful serendipities. Today was one of those. And serving was a pleasure and privilege.

And you?


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