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Guidance & Reflection – Week 122

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WEEK 122

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Live this day allowing grace to flow

through you and from you.

What does that mean?

Be easy going, even if you are in an

atmosphere full of stress and anxiety.

Be the calm in the middle of the storm.

Whether this day presents pressure,

challenges, or the mundane and routine…

let grace be the light you shine.

To be graceful, live

and let others be who they are

without your judgment.

Give space to those you live and work with.

Be kind, gentle, and understanding.

Let your words be encouraging and supportive

and let a gentle smile rest on your

face as you receive those you come into

contact with today.

Grace is divine love manifested in kindness,

forgiveness and mercy. it is being open and 


It is passing on peace and compassion, and

serving another with joy, gentleness, and humility.

Grace is the beauty of your actions, manner,

speech and reactions.

It is the expression of one’s faith and trust in

the divine order and will of the Creator.

Live today in grace and let it become you.


Evening Reflection 

I usually read each of the daily guidances three or four times during the course of the day as a refresher to remind me of their encouragements and challenges. It also allows me to see how I am doing in regard to following them.

I found today’s guidance to be very beautiful and I was almost moved to tears when re-reading it after having written it. It touched a deep place in the core of my soul. It brought up times in my life that grace has been extended to me. Times when the kindness, generosity and openness of someone had been extended to me in a way that was breathtaking. 

It reminded me that I want to be a person full of grace. And today, this guidance was a catalyst in helping me to pay attention to this part of my spiritual makeup.

As we grow spiritually, we become less of some things and more of other things. For instance, we may become more patient and less controlling. Or we may become less judgmental and more forgiving. Or we may become more loving and less mean.

Whatever grace I may have in my normal, everyday personality; today, I strove to improve my conscious expression of it. I experience it as living more beautifully and being a better person. 

My hope is that it sticks. That even when I am not thinking about being graceful, I just am because I have actually grown in grace. We’ll see.

But it is clear that it helps to raise awareness of aspects of the spiritual personality and to take time to focus on it and see where we are with certain qualities.

Today, grace was a good thing to focus on.

How was the guidance experienced by you today?

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