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Guidance & Reflection – Week 115

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WEEK 115

God, what is your guidance for me today?

Take a deep breath…

and feel your life.


and connect with your whole existence…

all you have done and been through

to be here now.

Acknowledge where you are today –

your life sense, whether that be tired

or inspired or something in between. Whether it be

anxious, angry, scared or ecstatic, 

or happy and on top of the world.

Honor it. All of it. Your tests, triumphs mistakes,

failures… life lessons. Honor your

strength and your weakness…

 your brilliance and your shadows…

the best and the worst in you.


See it all, acknowledge it, and simply say… 


Take another deep breath… and remember

that you are born a human. Exhale… and 

give your human being to God, who can

hold in limitless love all we are, have been, 

and will be.

Lift your life to Love’s Divine Presence. 

It will be honored by Love itself.

Do something nice for yourself today;

just between you and yourself.

It can be very small but it should 

be very special to you. A bath, a nap, reading

a chapter of a book, sitting in nature for a few minutes.

Take a deep breath and feel your life. 

Exhale and gather yourself…

and keep on keeping on.

Let your light shine on… today… 

whatever its brightness.

Evening Reflection 

Well, mama said there’d be days like this. 

My wife heard in my voice that I was a little down. It is a blessing to have such a sensitive, caring partner. Her sensing my mood was also an open door to share if I wanted to. I did. What I was a feeling was the disappointment of having worked very hard on several projects and not having the energy of the work return in like manner. Okay, well, monetarily. I was tired today. Life tired. 

Today’s guidance came through and reminded me that it is perfectly okay to have days like this. It reminded me to feel my life – all of it; and to put things in perspective – to acknowledge the rhythms of a life, including periods of ease and success, as well as the periods of challenge and disappointment.

Human beings live every scenario you can imagine, and I am living my own story, as each of us is. To make peace with who we are and how we feel on any given day can be freeing and empowering. We are a complicated creation and sometimes it is good to be reminded that we are human, with all that comes with; both our foibles and our nobility.

So today, I acknowledged my life sense and said… okay.

Then, I did something special for myself. I created space to have a workout at the gym. Then, after reading the guidance again, I breathed in and out consciously many times to gather myself and allow what light was there to shine today, however dimly. Ironically, when I got home from my workday I discovered a check in the mail from some work I had done years ago that I was still receiving a royalty from. I also received a contract to have a book published! It was as if the divine realm was giving me a clear message to… just keep on keeping on.


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