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Guidance & Reflection – Week 104

by | May 23, 2022 | General



WEEK 104

God, what is your guidance for me today?


just be yourself.

Be yourself… and watch yourself live.

See what kind of person you are…








Perhaps another word captures you?

Write it here _______________ when you know.

Be honest.

Discern whether you would like the

way you are if you saw it in another person.

Whatever your answer, think whether you are 

this way most of the time, some of the time,

or rarely.

Hold in mind the word or words that capture how 

you would like to be. Perhaps you are 

living them already. 

What are they?

Today, remember… as you are being yourself,

these virtues: 

Faith, hope and love.

And remember that the greatest 

of them is love.

Evening Reflection 

Actually, this exercise can be as amusing as it can be scary. We do have the capacity to be honest about ourselves. We can know that we are not being nice – and enjoy it!

People enjoy hating. They can enjoy inflicting pain on others and taking advantage of the weak. 

To look at myself – and to be honest as I ascertain what kind of person I am – today – is an admission that I can decide to be a certain way, even if I am already a certain way.

Our friends and family can tell us about ourselves easily if we brave their honest perspectives. We can do that for those we know. But to do it for ourselves… well, that takes even more courage.

I am a nice man… but I could be nicer. I am a loving man… but could be more loving. I strive everyday to grow. It is the reason I write these daily guidances. As loving as we can be in the body, there is room to grow and become. These guidances are designed to challenge and encourage us to become, today, something a bit more than we were the day before. Even if we are saints we can still become more saintly, I believe.

Love is the key… to love all unconditionally, at all times – no exceptions.

Today, I did okay, I think.

How did you do?


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