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Guidance & Reflection – Week 102

by | May 16, 2022 | General



WEEK 102

God, what is your guidance for me today?

How may I become more of what I am meant to be?

Today, look at your life and recognize

where you align with power

and where you use force.

True power can affect change without much effort.

It is the natural emanation of your spiritual

and life energies… who you are and how you view

and incorporate the content of your life.

It can be experienced in your laughter,

your smile, the kindness in your voice,

your integrity… your understanding of the oneness of life.

It is felt in the amount of love you hold and freely give…

and the way you respect life and recognize the dignity

of all beings.

Force is the method of making someone do what 

you want without their consent on a soul level.

It is being able to create a different behavior

against another’s will.

It is felt and seen in the use of weapons, brute

force, the raising of the voice, anger, shouting, threats,

violence, and a perspective on life that divides. It pits

one thing over another… issues warnings and uses

hierarchy to control and manipulate. It usually comes down to 

“my way or the highway.”

Today, acknowledge those places within yourself and 

in your life where you employ your inner power and

outer force.

Lift them up in offering to Divine Presence.

Ask for an increase in power that aligns with divinity

and a decrease in the use of force that aligns

with the common world.

Live this as a prayer today…

as you become more of what

you are meant to be… minute by minute,

hour by hour… all of this day.

Evening Reflection 

The most lived example of power vs. force today occurred toward the evening when my family watched a movie together. I like movies loud; other members like them less loud. When the request came to lower the volume, I could feel this challenge of power vs. force. 

It is no big deal to turn down television volume… until it is. I did some quick assessments and simply kept my peace and lowered the volume. I could feel the relief in those that preferred the lower volume.

Even in family time, peace is far more important than demonstrating force. You might be wondering what power was demonstrated? It was the power of generosity, love and kindness… which created peace, a power in itself.

But it did not stop with volume. During movies one family member loves to give trivia about the movie while it is being viewed. I like silence. Again… as the interruptions happened, I weighed the situation… and decided to let it be; sort of a live and let live decision.

Again, power vs. force can be discussed in huge terms like countries and the machinations of societies. And… it can also be seen in the mundanity of life.  Today was just one of those days for me during dinner and a movie.

I could have forced the volume to stay loud or demand quiet… but the power I wielded was self-control, and the power to let go. And in the end, we all enjoyed the movie and our time together.


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