Dr. David Sharp

Free Masterclass

The Pearl of Patience:

A powerful access to living your best life.

November 30th 9am MT

December 4th 5pm MT

In this masterclass you’ll:

– 1 –

Gain trust in the unfolding of life thereby increasing your faith

– 2 –

Increase your ability to remain calm when life gets hard

– 3 –

Stay present to joy even when life throws you challenge after challenge

– 4-

Stop resisting life and learn to go with the flow and enjoy the ride

No matter your spiritual path, this masterclass will be about qualities of living that allow us to live more easily in community, creating connections that make life richer.

I value your trust and time.

I’ll share tools, knowledge, and insight that can transform your life.  And in full transparency, I’ll share an offer that will take all of this to a deeper more spiritual level if you choose.

This Masterclass is for you if…

You’ve been so isolated and disconnected that you may be losing hope.  You’re ready to find a community to connect to like-spirited individuals who are looking for spiritual growth and soul nourishment that isn’t based on any particular denominational faith but honors all spiritual expressions.

You’ve been struggling with life, and it feels like a never-ending road of challenges and you haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel.   You’re now ready to make life easier, let go of trying to control life and increase your faith and trust that the Universe has got your back. 

You’re done with feeling overwhelmed with life’s circumstances. You’re ready to find the inner peace and power that will strengthen you so that you can be the calm in the middle of your life’s storms.

A  Note

from David

I am a spiritual life guide. I have been a Presbyterian church pastor, seminary professor, and am now helping people grow spiritually, claim their creativity, and expand their soul through my online work. I am the son of a minister and have earned masters degrees in theology and education, and a  doctorate degree in spirituality. 

I ventured into the world as a performing artist to inspire people. I have sung, acted and danced on television, in movies, and on the Broadway stage… and use my gifts and talents in the work I do now. Yes! I am soulful, creative, and fun! And that is what this masterclass will be. It will also be useful, deep and enlivening. 

David Sharp

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