Agreement for Private Sessions and Courses: 

You accept that our sessions and courses are not a substitute for any medical or therapeutic procedure or treatment. Our sessions/courses are spiritual in nature. They are designed to increase perspective and to put you in touch with a higher wisdom and a greater source of power for life.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to heal people or that my work in itself guarantees a successful outcome. Each individual may achieve different results. My work is to be a guide, counselor and educator. I use my gifts, experience and skills to the best of my ability to put people in touch with a higher power, aka God, Creator, Spirit, the Divine, and to help them identify obstacles that stand in the way of their highest consciousness; and to support them in operating from that place. To operate from this high level of consciousness is to facilitate a connection to deep wisdom and an expansive perspective that places one’s consciousness in a larger container of understanding that may lead to clarity that may be experienced on a deep soul level. Attending my live events, taking my online courses or taking a private session with me can never substitute for any medical treatment or procedure or take the place of professional therapy of any kind.