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  • Feel happy to be alive
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  • Deepen connection with your Higher Power
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  • Increase gratitude
  • Expand your capacity to love unconditionally

Get Power for Life videos so you can increase the intensity of your divinity!

      The purpose of these videos is to:

1. “Loosen the soil of your life” so you
can plant the seeds of your personal
growth in daily increments.

2. Provide nourishment for the day to-day journey of life.
You will:

  • Become more present
  • Laugh
  • Gain POWER for your life!
  • and much more!

The Power for Life videos can be viewed two ways.

You will receive in your inbox a video every day for 365 days! Or you can use the special link provided which allows you access to all of the videos.

Each guidance is meant to be sipped into the soul. You may want to view it more than once at first viewing. You may also revisit it throughout the day for a dose of spiritual support, to remind yourself of its message, and to see how you are doing with it as the day unfolds. Each contains rich messages that fill the spirit and provide inspiration for personal and spiritual growth. Allow the video’s message to permeate your day and seep into your spirit as you live into its guidance.

Because you will have access to all the guidances, you may decide to read several at a time, or read the whole thing as a book and then go back and live each day! You may feel like staying with a particular guidance for more than one day. That is fine. They all work together and there is no one right way to use them.

However you decide to take in these powerful guidances, they will challenge, inspire and encourage you to live the best version of yourself on a daily basis.

A  Note

from David

I am a spiritual life guide. The videos in this free offering, Power for Life, are the fruit of meditation, contemplation, and deep listening. They are an expansion of my award-winning book by the same name.

I would write a question with my right hand and take time to receive an answer, which I would write out with my left hand. The right hand accesses the intellectual left side of the brain, and the left hand accesses the more intuitive right side. The discipline of right hand/left hand allowed the more controlling aspects of my mind to loosen. I was able to journey inward to a place where Spirit’s guidance was clearly heard.

I decided to turn the book into a video series for those who may want a different experience of receiving daily inspirational guidance. Each guidance speaks to becoming more aware of what we send into the world through our thoughts, words, and actions. The goal of this work is to inspire enduring changes in behavior that bring the best in you to a world that needs your best.


David Sharp

You may want to purchase the book as a companion!


© David Preston Sharp, 2020, all rights reserved