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Guidance & Reflection – Week 131

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WEEK 131

God, what is your guidance for me today? How would you have me grow?

Stop comparing yourself to others.

It is not the way of Spirit.

It is the way of the world.

Spirit is about the joy of being;

of being aware of having consciousness

and the extraordinary privilege and gift of

being alive.

Comparisons serve the ego.

I have created all beings and

endowed humanity with free will,

gifts, talents… and the opportunity

to know ME as their Creator.

Each person is a jewel.

Each is a precious and divine being.

All are equal and equally loved.

Today, come back to yourself. 

You are unique.

Comparisons will never end until you

rise above the ego and its need for it.

Remember who you are… 

Be the best YOU that you can be. 

Do what is in you to the best of your ability. 

Stay connected to My Spirit in you, 

and YOUR path will always find itself. 

It is as unique as you are.

High… low… rich… poor… are the world’s labels 

and terms of division.

Kind, joyful, loving, peaceful, gentle,

forgiving, trustworthy, loving, patient, generous, wise…  

Be these things. Nothing compares to them. 

They are the gems of spirit, available to all. 

Be them and you will be blessed… 

and will be a blessing.

Evening Reflection 

I am beginning this response at 1:00pm! I am only in the middle of the day and must write this.

I went to see a counselor for family concerns, and toward the end of the session the counselor spoke of the human penchant to compare. They touched on all the points mentioned in today’s guidance! It was as if they were an angel confirming and affirming the message of today’s encouragement.

It is said that there are no private thoughts, and that we attract what we need for our maximum opportunity for spiritual growth. 

This beautiful person of a counselor brought up many examples, in general terms, of people they had worked with who were constantly comparing themselves to others and offered that comparisons may serve as a reference point so that we can work on ourselves until we get to a point of realizing the beauty or our own uniqueness.

(Later in the day)

After a full day of allowing this guidance to sit in me, I find that the universe has provided many messages that have added to today’s wisdom. I was reminded that each of us is an expression of all the universe has ever been. We have DNA that goes back to the beginning of humanity. We are made of the dust of stars and hold the history of life in our collective unconscious. Ultimately, it matters not what your job title is. What matters is the love and light in your soul. 12-step meetings, for instance, are not interested in your job, or religion, or income level. It is the person and their well-being that is the focus.

I am teaching a new beginning tap dance class. Some of my students are in their late 60’s. One is 75 years of age. I can only imagine the lives they have lived. And now, they want to learn this art form. It matters not their trappings. It is the essence of each other’s soul we are experiencing. They also do not know of my work as a spiritual writer. But we feel each other’s joy, enjoy each other’s company and tap dance together out of the sheer joy what doing it.

No comparison required or desired.


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