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Guidance & Reflection – Week 108

by | Jun 12, 2022 | General



WEEK 108

Listen to your heart.

Feel the pull on your soul.

If you sense a deep desire 

to complete a task or

start a new one;

move in a new direction

or finish what you started..,.

then today, make a great stride

in that direction.

Take a giant leap toward where

your heart and soul are leaning.

Ask Presence to give you grace to

move in faith so that

there is no turning back…

No hesitation.

No flinching.

Trust that all is

ordained by the Creator;

that the yearnings and callings

within you are being divinely

guided and supported.

Work with excellence.

Do your best then let go.

Give it to the One Who

Guards Our Dreams;

Who Moves Us To Move.

Keep going

and see what happens.





Evening Reflection 

I have been working on a project that has been a few years in the making. As I readied the prototype to send to a company, I learned that what I created wasn’t what was needed. I needed to send an online explanation with pictures and video. 

That necessitated a whole new project.

Today’s guidance helped me gain new energy not to procrastinate – but to get the move on and push forward. It would have been easy to take a long break and I could feel myself losing energy after all the hard work. 

I had experienced technology changing so quickly that I now needed to do it all so someone could understand my project from their computer only.

I wondered for a second or two if I was working hard for nothing. But my soul knew that was not the case. The guidance helped affirm me. It helped me to recognize the yearning in my spirit and gave me the impetus to finish what I started. 

I pulled an all-nighter to move forward in a manner that I knew would allow me to keep going and not turn back.

Sometimes, when we work hard for something that is at the stage of hopes and dreams… it helps to have a timely word of encouragement. 

That is what this guidance was for me today.

What is your soul calling you to?


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